Thursday, January 1, 2015

It is 2015 !

It is 2015, I'm here and I am thrill!
I look forward to March and my son's wedding. I love my future daughter-in-law and am so happy to have her join the family.
I look forward to June when I will celebrate a pretty special birthday.
And I look forward to July,well the 29th in particular, when I will celebrate a landmark "cancerversary" - my 10th.

Even with all these exciting things already planned for the year I still want to make my  annual aspirations.  I wrote about my aspirations for 2014 here. For 2015, I'm going to repeat some of last year's aspirations ( I never did make a trip to Maine) and update some others. Here they are:
  • Continue to visit my children and grandchildren every few months
  • Continue to advocate for ovarian cancer patients and research through this blog and the #gyncsm community
  • Post more frequently on this blog
  • Help my dog, Amber, achieve Excellent titles in Agility
  • Continue to increase my physical activity and flexibility so that I can be a better dog handler and improve my health
  • Continue to paint
  • Visit the state of Maine
  • Learn some Hindi words (New)
I wish for all my readers a Happy and Healthy and Joyful 2015.

Every Day is a blessing!

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