Monday, January 19, 2015

The Only Constant in Life

is Change!

The most recent change which makes me feel happy and sad at the same time involves a person who has played an important role in my journey with ovarian cancer.

Early last week I learned J, a social worker at my cancer center, was leaving. I am happy because she is making a move that is so wonderful for her and her family. But I am still sad because I will no longer see someone who has made my cancer survivorship easier.

J took care of the gynecologic cancer patients and facilitated the Gyn Cancer Support group. She has been instrumental in the success of this group for more than seven years. Because of her expertise as a social worker, she knew just when a patient needed the support of others and that is when she would tell them about the  support group and ask them to join us.

She also was involved in a number of patient programs at the cancer center including Survivors Day.  I served on the Survivors Day Planning Committee with her for a few years so I was able to see her creativity, her efforts to make the day special for patients and how well she got along with other cancer center staff and other survivors.

J was always there for me. I used to call her J- 911. If there was an emotional need all you had to do was call J-911 and she would be there with all the advice you needed to get you through the rough spots.  She was especially helpful to me when the deaths of friends in the support group deeply affected me. After seven years she was more to me that just a social worker she was a friend.

I wish only the best for J.

Every Day is a Blessing! J was such a blessing to me. 

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