Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Globe-athon 2013

What is a Globe-thon you ask? Is it like a Walk-athon? Is it a Marathon? 

A few years ago Foundation for Women's Cancer held a 72 hour race around the Mall in Washington DC for physicians and  gynecologic cancer survivors and advocates.  The race was a huge success. Then someone brought up the idea of  holding a walk on the same day in countries across the globe.  

Today, Globe-athon is a  coalition of participants in  60+ countries who will walk  to raise awareness, education and research of women's gynecologic cancer's. This grass-roots international relay for gynecologic cancers will take place this year on the weekend of September 29th. People will march in solidarity with each other, women diagnosed with the disease, their caregivers and health care providers.  

Here is the reason why holding Globe-thon is so important.
"Global cancer statistics indicate that gynecologic cancers accounted for 19% of the 5.1 million estimated new cancer cases, 2.9 million cancer deaths and 13 million 5-year prevalent cancer cases among women in the world.  Each year, over 230,000 women are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer worldwide. The majority of these women will die from the disease: Ovarian Cancer is responsible for an estimated 140,000 deaths per year, worldwide. Cervical Cancer is alarmingly on the rise in South and East Asia, Latin America and Africa with the incidence and death rate higher than it has been in 30 years.  These silent and deadly diseases are a major global priority. "(Source:globethon.com)

In NJ you can join the Globe-thon by walking in the North Jersey NOCC walk in West Orange , NJ. 
Click here to register. 

For more information on Globe-thon and to help "shine a light on these under the radar, below the belt cancers" See the Globe-athon website  and follow them on twitter at 

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Karen Simon said...

There are now 80 countries participating and over 150 cities. Should be huge. Let's hope this event, along with the documentary No Evidence of Disease (www.nedthemovie.com) and the band, N.E.D. get more people talking and taking action!