Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two Women of Teal Can Make a Difference

On Monday, I attended a Lunch with a "Twist of Teal" held at the Cancer Support Community - Central New Jersey in Bedminster, NJ. A lunch of delicious wraps and salads was served to participants who met in the comfy main house. The meeting was billed as a time to share ideas about future programs for gyn cancer survivors at CSC.

This luncheon occurred because of two women, Lynn Franklin and Carole Fagella. Two survivors who cared enough about their fellow gynecologic cancer survivors to approach Ellen Levine, program coordinator at CSC and ask about having a gathering of survivors and possibly reinstating the gynecologic cancer support group that had been discontinued because of low of attendance. (I attended this group regularly when I finished treatment in 2006 and continued until 2010 when I moved an hour away from CSC.)

More than 15 gynecologic cancer survivors shared a meal and their stories. The hour long lunch lasted almost 2 hours as the women introduced themselves, shared advice, information about dealing with side effects and clinical trials. When Ellen asked if the women would like to meet again there was a resounding "YES!".

I am thrilled that gynecologic cancer survivors will once again have an support group  at the CSC. They will meet the 3rd Monday of each month. Call 908-658-5400 for more information.

Thank you Carole,  Lynn. And Thank You Ellen and the staff of  CSC for providing a place for gyn cancer women to meet and share !

Every day is a blessing!

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