Friday, July 12, 2013

SYFY's Warehouse 13 and Myka's Ovarian Cancer

I enjoy watching science fiction shows. When I got home from my trip I decided to catch up on some episodes of SYFY channel's Warehouse 13 that we had on the DVR. I love the show.  The series story line revolves around agents who look for artifacts, from various periods in history, that have supernatural and sometimes weird powers. The artifacts are stored in a warehouse in the mid-west. The agents always seem to get the artifact and just in the nick of time too.

So here I am watching the 19th show this season  and Myka, the young main female agent, turns to her partner, Pete, after he asks her what is wrong and she says "I have ovarian cancer." (I must have missed the episode where she went to the doctor but it was mentioned that she had pain.) Oh man! I'm thinking I have enough of this in real life I don't really want to have this in my science fiction shows too.

I continued to watch the next and last show of this season- The Truth Hurts (Season 4 show 20). Pete is told that there is an artifact that can cure Myka's cancer. He ends up releasing a "bad guy". The show ends as you see Myka being rolled into the operating room. I have to wait until 2014 to see how everything works out.

Here are the actors Eddie McClintock (Pete)  and  Joanne Kelly ( Myka) talking about the episode. It includes a clip from the show where Myka heads off to have her surgery. I got a heavy feeling in my stomach after watching it the first time and it happened again when I watched this video. I remember how that feels - having surgery and the unknown of what will happen.

I've noticed recently that many TV shows have included characters who have a cancer diagnosis. Alright, it is not usually an ovarian cancer diagnosis but a cancer diagnosis just the same. So as much as part of me says "NO" ! I can't watch another person be diagnosed with the disease - even if she is just a TV show character. The other side of me says, "Yes" and "Thank you". The writers of Warehouse 13  have including a character who has to face an ovarian cancer diagnosis and surgery and that is a good thing to help raise awareness. 

 I just hope that when the season resumes in 2014 they will show a strong Myka and maybe a segment that will show Myka and her gynecologic oncologist  choosing which treatment is best for her.  I wish her well. ( Yes, I know she is just a TV character but after 4 years she is pretty real to me.)

Every Day is a Blessing!

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Anonymous said...

I'm a 2 year 3C survivor. When I saw last week's episode I didn't know what to do, I actually had a 10 second breakdown. It's so confusing. Yay, they're talking about our cancer. Boo, they'll likely have some magical healing artifact that will piss me off to no end. Of course she won't loose her hair or stay in bed for 6 months.

I'm very intrested to see what they do in tonights episode. I tried to find a link to email the show and give them some advice and insight but no luck.