Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Unexpected

Last evening we saw the dark clouds gather to the west and heard the thunder . My son and I took the patio table umbrella inside just as the rain began. Within a matter of minutes the rain got heavy and the wind picked up blowing straight at the back of our home.

I watched as the wind picked up the heavy outdoor rug by the sliding door and tossed it on to the lawn. Then I watched as the potted dwarf spruce got pushed sideways and went tumbling down into the sluice between my house and my neighbors.  Like dominos off flew two low rectangular planters filled with geraniums, a pot of parsley, a pot of basil and a tomato plant complete with cage. Lastly , off flew my plastic watering can. It ended up in my front yard. Then the siding on my neighbors house started flapping up and down.  Even the dogs were upset with the thunder and lightening. Amber was literally shaking in her crate. I didn't put her there she went on her own.

The wind had cleared off all the plants on my patio except for a potted fig tree. Fifteen minutes later we were out rescuing the plants. This morning I had to repot and add soil to every plant that had been on the patio.

This experience was very unnerving. I don't know how my daughter deals with those regular tornado warnings out in Kansas. Sky can be blue and 10 minutes later there is a warning.

Sure I knew that we were supposed to get a storm but I in no way thought the winds would kick up the way they did. I think it was worse than Hurricane Irene last year.

This experience made me think about how you may feel when you get a cancer diagnosis. You don't feel right physically so you go to the doctor. You know something might be wrong but no way do you think you will hear the words "You have cancer". You try to get a handle on things and then start to put things in place to get treatment.  

Some things are just totally unexpected and unnerving.

Every Day is a Blessing.

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Catherine said...

Very good analogy to the cancer experience – it certainly strikes hard and fast, flipping life over in an instant. I’m glad to hear everyone was alright despite the storm. Sounds as though it was very powerful.