Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reaching out to the Halls of Congress from NJ

This morning many of my fellow Ovarian Cancer survivors  will be heading to Capital Hill to talk to their Senators and Congressmen. Although I am unable to make the trip this year, I did send e-mails to NJ's senators and my representative.

Here is the e-mail I wrote:

I am a NJ resident and 7 year Ovarian Cancer survivor thanks to the
doctors at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. Although I am not able to
visit you in person today,  I am requesting that you support the Ovarian
Cancer National Alliance's initiative to fund innovative research;
increase awareness and ensure parity in drug coverage for ovarian cancer
* Recognize Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month by becoming a sponsor of the
House Resolution; contact Molly Ahearn in Representative Israel's office.

* Support appropriations of $20 million for the Ovarian Cancer Research
Program for Fiscal Year 2013.
* Become a co-sponsor HR 2746, the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act.

Taken together, these actions will help our nation make progress toward
identifying ovarian cancer at its earliest stage and reducing mortality
from the disease.


If you get a chance please go to this site and send your senators and representatives an e-mail urging their support.


Every day is a Blessing!

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