Monday, June 4, 2012

ASCO Monday -It is all about the genes

I attended a very informative session this morning called Genomics in Gyn Cancers:Important Findings from the Genome Atlas and Beyond.

Dr Goodfellow defined genomics as the descriptions of patterns of genes. The Cancer Genomic Atlas (TCGA) sequenced 316 ovarian cancer tumors from primary , pretreated women. Researchers looked for additions , deletions and DNA copy number changes, mRNA and methylation . A number of different platforms were used for the analysis.

Researchers found 63 different mutations per Ovarian Cancer sample. TP 53 was found in 96% of the samples and could be considered a mutation that drives OC. The other mutations from BRCA1 to CSMD3 were only found at levels of 6% or less. To give you an idea of what was found in Glioblastoma tumors also studied by TCGA were studied they found changes at chromosome 7 and 10 at very high levels.

What does this tell us? OC cancer tumors are heterogeneous - composed of many different mutations.
I'm wondering how the fact that the tumors are so heterogeous can be use to treat the disease.

I also spent time this morning talking to researchers at a poster session. I will post an entire entry on the interesting small cell molecules in phase 1 trials.

Off to another session.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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