Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Aid for Dealing with a Cancer Diagnosis

Recently I have thought more about the psycho-social effects of an ovarian cancer diagnosis especially dealing with recurrences and the fear of a recurrence. Many of my survivor friends, after years of no evidence of disease, are now in treatment for recurrences.

After reading some online reviews about books that offer psychosocial support for cancer patients I decided to order The Human Side of Cancer- Living with Hope, Coping with Uncertainty by Jimmie Holland  MD and Sheldon Lewis. I started reading it as soon as it arrived and finished a few days ago.

The book was published in 2001 but that does not mean that the advice offered is no longer relevant. As a matter of fact the numerous patient stories about their feelings of anger, sadness, uncertainty and hope and the advice given by Dr Holland are timeless.

I found the most interesting chapters to be:
Coping- which includes a great list of Do's and Don'ts about coping
The Human Side of Cancer Treatments- the psychological side effects of surgery and treatment
All Medicine doesn't Come in a Bottle- mind-body techniques and counseling
The Goal is Control- living with a chronic illness

The book is very useful for survivors but also includes advice for caregivers and will allow a caregiver to understand some of the cancer survivor's reactions to different aspects of their cancer journey. So I recommend that you borrow it from the library. Or if you are like me,  and doggy-ear pages or underline helpful parts,  buy yourself a paperback copy of the book.

This book offers hope for all stages of a cancer diagnosis.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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asherandlulu said...

Hi, Thank you for your informative post. I just found out about my stage 3b ovarian cancer on April 12,2012. I start my first round of chemo on June 4, 2012. I am in a clinical trial that had to be completed before I could stsrt my chemo. I wrote about it in my blog I have never blogged before. I really started it as an outlet for me. Mine is very primitive compared to yours. Im going to go and get that book and read your other posts too. Thank you so much for all your info. It is nice to know we are not alone in this. Mary