Friday, July 29, 2011

Six Years and Counting

Today July 29th is my six year "cancerversary".

Six years ago today I awoke from surgery to hear the words " Dee, I am sorry . You have ovarian cancer . Stage 3". Wow, how my world has changed since Dr. R spoke those words. There were lots of bad times during and after treatment and when I learned I had a recurrence in 2008 but each of those bad times were followed by some pretty incredibly good times.

And I am still here. Thanks in no small part to my gyn-oncs at CINJ, my loving husband, my fantastic children, wonderful family and supportive friends.

I am loving every minute of this life of mine.

Every Day is a Blessing! Thanking God today for the blessing of life!


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OCWarrior1026 said...

Congratulations, Dee! You are a Teal Warrior for sure. Thank you for all of your support for me and others who need you. :-)