Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"The Road less traveled by"

My cousin Marion invited me to her home on LBI( Long Beach Island,NJ) . So yesterday I decided to take a ride down to see her. When I lived in Edison I always just hopped on 287 to the Garden State Parkway to route 72 to get there. But now that we have moved there are a few different routes - Route 33 to the Garden State, or Route 33 to route 9, or Route 539 to 72.

I decided yesterday to take the road less travelled by. It was wonderful. I saw towns I had only heard of, I passed horse farms, landscaping businesses and a winery( Creme Ridge) . I passed through Fort Dix and the Greenwood Forest and eventually ended up on 72 west of the Garden State. It was a treat to take this back road.

When I came home today along that same road less travelled by I kept thinking how wonderful it was to travel this route. Even when I was stuck in a construction area in downtown Allentown I got a chance to look at the wonderful old homes.

We rush, myself included, to get to places we want to be and miss so much along the way. When I was in treatment I remember taking the time to stop and look at everyday things. I wasn't moving anywhere too fast those days so I tended to notice little things. I would sit out on the patio in Edison and just watch the birds and see how the wind bent the flowers and carried the leaves to the ground. But lately it seems that I haven't been doing as much of that although I do love to watch the ducks and heron in the pond behind my house.

So I urge you to take the out of the way route to where you want to go . It might take you longer but it will be worth the time. You never know what you might discover! And Thanks to Robert Frost for the line from his "The Road Not Taken"

Every Day is a Blessing! I am blessed that my cousin gave me the opportunity to take a road less travelled.

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Allison said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing, Dee.