Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who would have thought

Those who read this blog know that I always sign off with: Every Day is a Blessing!

Yesterday was my birthday. Most adults reach a certain age and try to forget they are having birthdays. Folks don't want to think about how old they are getting. Not me. Nick came up to me in the morning and whispered " I am so happy you are here to celebrate this birthday". I was thrilled to be here to celebrate too. Honestly, a month after my birthday in 2005, I was nervous about making it through chemo no less making my next birthday in 2006. But here I am in 2011 having just celebrated another birthday.

I loved that when I logged in to my Facebook page I had received so many birthday greetings and it wasn't even noon time. Lots of those early greetings were from some wonderful teal women I know in the UK. Even though they live across the Atlantic I feel like they could be friends from my local support group. Then there were the greetings from family and friends that live near and far. Of course there were also the phone calls and cards in the mail. It all made me feel so happy.

In the late afternoon Nick , Matt and I drove down the shore, well more like east to the shore, to Bradley Beach for Vic's thin crust pizza. MMMM Good. After eating we drove a few blocks to the beach in Avon , parked and walked on the boardwalk. I had the sudden urge to stick my feet in the ocean. So off came the shoes and down the stairs I went and into the cool water I walked. Things were good until I decided to rinse off a large clam shell I found. OOPS ! the water came up and wet the bottom 3 inches of my shorts. It caught me off guard but I didn't drop the shell and I laughed all the way back to the boardwalk.

What an awesome birthday. I hope I can celebrate many more in just the same fun way.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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