Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ASCO - the End Part II

All the Focus on Research© Scholars where asked to video a testimonial about their experience as an advocate at ASCO. Below is my testimonial.

I am an ovarian cancer survivor and advocate. Being part of the Focus on Research© program this year has been an honor.

The preparation offered prior to attending the conference was invaluable. Learning about biomarkers, drug development and clinical trial design has increased my understanding of cancer research. Interacting with the webinar lecturers, Drs Byers, Hong and Bemis helped to improve my communication skills and raised my confidence to discuss research topics with poster presenters and education session lecturers. Knowing the language and acronyms of cancer pathways, drugs and agents was an asset during the conference.

At ASCO the interaction with other advocates and hearing about their experiences has been both enjoyable and inspirational. I look forward to maintaining these relationships for years to come.

Another benefit of my attendance has ben an increased respect for cancer researchers and the challenges they face in both the US and internationally. I was thrilled to interact with a large number of international researchers at poster sessions and in the lecture hall. Learning about advances such as PARP inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies and other individualized medicine agents gives me hope for the future of cancer research.

I look forward to working with my dissemination partner. My goal is to share the exciting research developments I learned about this weekend in terms that are understandable by patients and caregivers.

Thank you to the Research Advocacy Network's Advocate Institute© for the incredible opportunity.

Every Day is a Blessing!


Allison said...

yeah Dee!

Servivorgirl said...

Great post, and thank you for your dedication to us!!!!!