Monday, June 6, 2011

An ASCO Type of Sunday

I was off this beautiful Sunday morning to McCormick Place for yet more Gynecologic Posters, an Education Session on the Association of Body Weight in Cancer Populations , Lunch with Dr Rodriguez , a conversation with a Genentech Representative about Avastin and an Ethics of Early Phase Clinical Trials lecture. The day ended with a trip to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry for the ASCO President's Reception.

The posters were on a variety of gynecological cancer topics.Here is sample of two :
Peglated liposomal doxorubicin (C-PLD)and carboplatin versus carboplatin (C-P) in platinum sensitive OC patients: treatment at recurrence and overall survival final analysis from CALYPSO Phase III GCIG trial ( #5052)- This is part of a large international study . There were roughly 500 women in each arm of the study. Conclusion : There is a better benefit to risk ratio( Progression free survival vs toxicity) of the C-PLD arm compared to the C-P arm in OC patients with platinum sensitive relapse.

Catumaximab treatment of malignant ascites in patients with chemotherapy-refractory ovarian cancer ( # 5048)-Ascites is fluid that builds up in the peritoneal cavity when tumor cells spread. Patients with malignant ascites have poor prognosis. Catumaximab is a monoclonal antibody. In this study of 40 patients the conclusion was an improvement of malignant ascites symptoms and an overall survival of 3.6 months.

During the session on Weight in Cancer Populations, Dr Ligibel reported studies with early stage breast cancer patients obesity at diagnosis suggests a link to poor prognosis.

Last day of ASCO is tomorrow.

This has been a worthwhile, enlightening and enjoyable experience. Learning about the research taking place on so many different fronts - PARP inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies and gene mapping gives me hope.

Every Day is a Blessing.

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Allison said...

Dee: I am so impressed by your dedication to this issue and the knowledge it is clear you have gained along your journey. Blessings for a continued fruitful visit.