Sunday, March 20, 2011

Because She Makes Me Smile

Pets, dogs in particular, have been part of an on-going discussion on a number of ovarian cancer forums recently. Questions such as finding someone to care for your dog when you are in treatment, adopting a dog during treatment and adopting a dog when you are in remission were all asked.
Last September we brought a new puppy Amber, a mixed breed, into our home. Sure it wasn't easy having to train a two month old puppy or walk her when the snow was over her head but it paid off. How? She jumps up to greet me when I come in the room, fetches her toy ( even if she doesn't always want to "give" it up) and it getting pretty good at heeling when walking on a leash. And best of all she makes me smile - even when I am having one of those days.

I bet you are smiling right now.

Every Day is a Blessing!


nancyspoint said...

You are right, I am now smiling! I came to your blog today after noticing you were posting about pets! I, too, believe in their powers. My two dogs were with me when I received my cancer diagnosis and I blogged about it. I think I need to do another pet post soon... Your pup is adorable!

Sami said...

Love it! Dogs are the best :-) And she's SO adorable!