Saturday, February 5, 2011

Has it Really Been A Week?

I just noticed that I haven't posted to this blog in an entire week.
Let me think about what was happening .......
There was a haircut,
and a port flush
and another winter storm which lasted almost 2 days. I think that was #6 so far this year.

I spent time designing a Save-the-Date for the 2nd Annual One Force to Make a Difference Ovarian Cancer Symposium. BTW- It's June 18th in Princeton. I'll make sure to make the Save-the-Date my next post!( There are some other research and avastin news I promise to share too.)

On Thursday evening , I hosted Girls Night Out ( GNO). I couldn't wait to have everyone over to share a meal and see my new house. It was touch and go with the ice but almost everyone made it. I made antipasto and chicken cacciatore. The "Girls" brought dessert. The table was decorated for Valentine's Day and with Nick's helping prepping, serving and cleaning up everything went very well.

We "Girls" all had children in St Francis School's class of 1996. We get together for dinner on the first Thursday of the month. I began attending GNO with Terry, Kathy, Kathy, Linda, Joanne,Nancy and Joan almost 10 years ago. We've been through a lot these past 10 years- weddings, house renovations, moves, divorce, loss of loved ones, and serious illness. These ladies were there for me five years ago during chemo treatment and they bounced back into action during my recurrence. There were phone calls and cards aplenty. They even picked me up and drove me to GNO when I was too tired to drive myself. They made sure they picked restaurants where I could eat. Chemo time for me meant no sushi for us. What a great group of women.

My life has been blessed by their friendship.
Every Day is a Blessing!

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