Monday, August 2, 2010

A Wedding , Christening and Friends

This weekend was a busy and fun one. The bonus was that Terry came to visit for the weekend.

On Saturday we went to the wedding of a family friend. Mike and Sinead were in the same class in elementary school until fourth grade. Then Sinead and her family moved. Fast forward to almost 20 years later. Sinead's sister "friends" Mike's sister on Facebook. And shortly thereafter Mike and Sinead started to date. Yesterday they married in a beautiful ceremony and celebrated at a reception that included family from as far away as Ireland, Irish step-dancing, lots of music and a candy table. The phenomenal wedding cake resembled the black,white and yellow pattern on their invitations and was either lemon or orange flavored- depending on the layer.Delicious.

On Sunday, we attended the christening of Adina. She is the two-month old daughter of my daughter's best friend, Beckie. My daughter was honored to be chosen as Adina's godmother and we were all invited to the ceremony and party after. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the priest who performed the christening was one that we knew from fifteen years ago and haven't seen in about 6 years. He knew both my children when they were in elementary school and here he was speaking to my daughter about the role of a godmother. He spoke to the parents about how wonderful it is to look at their baby's hand and imagine what those hands can do in the future. To look at their feet and wonder where those feet will take them. He asked how will those hands do the work of God? Yes, if the parents show them God's love. There certainly was a lot of love for Adina from her family and friends.

This weekend showed just how people from your past can come back into your life at any time and in some very special ways. Best wishes to Mike and Sinead and for Beckie, Morgan and little Adina.

Every Day is a Blessing !

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