Friday, March 5, 2010

I added a page to this blog and then another and .....

Over the past few months I was looking into moving my blog to a Wordpress blog since I noticed that the Wordpress blogs allowed a blog to have pages. I found that over the past 2+ years I have accumulated a large number of links to pretty valuable information about ovarian cancer. I wanted to organize all that information in a better way than to just add another link to the list of interesting sites. Well, the other day after I updated this blog I found a blogger gadget that would allow me to add pages. It is amazing how little things like new gadgets could make me so happy. Anyway ...I got to it and after a bit of a learning curve started to add pages. Here is what I added:
  • OC Support groups - this page lists OC support groups in NJ as well as online support groups and one-on-one support
  • OC Resources - There are 13 links of general OC resources from the symptom consensus statement to the NCI to staging information from ACS. There is also a list of NJ ovarian cancer foundations and national OC organizations.
  • Local Events - this I will update with ovarian cancer and general cancer survivorship events in the NJ/NY/PA area. I've 3 events posted so far but more to come
  • Products, etc - this page lists products like an OC cookbook, OC shirts and wonderful cards. I also included two foundations one that provides "Bling" to cancer patients in the hospital and one that will match volunteers/ employees with cancer organizations.
You can find a link to the pages on the left of this blog.

Still not done... I decided to move my blog list to the left column and only show 5 blogs with the ability to show all. I also moved Ovarian Cancer news by Google to the left also.

Well I hope all you followers like the new pages and I hope new readers will find them helpful.

Every Day is a Blessing !

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l'optimiste said...

way cool! I want pages too! :o)

good way to organise links and to find the gadget!
thanks Dee!