Friday, January 22, 2010

Contrast Ultrasound and Biomarkers

In an effort to find an early detection test for ovarian cancer, researchers at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and Vanderbilt Medical Center looked at combining contrast-enhanced ultrasound and biomarker tests ( Proteomic tests). In February's issue of the American Journal of Roentenology the researchers wrote the article( link below is for the abstract),

New Frontiers for Ovarian Cancer Risk Evaluation: Proteomics and Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

They concluded that the contrast-enhanced ultrasound may pick up on "aberrant vascularity" ( abnormal vessels or ducts that carry fluids ) required for tumor growth before a mass appears and propose the two in combo as a way to diagnose early stage Ovarian Cancer.

I wish I could read the entire article for more details about the research.
And I hope to update this blog a bit more frequently than once a week.


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l'optimiste said...

any way to diagnose early stage Ovarian Cancer has got to be good. thanks!