Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seton Hall University Student Nurses Association Raises Awareness

Yesterday afternoon, I visited the campus of Seton Hall University. I had been invited by the Student Nurses Association and my cousin who is an Assistant Dean of the Nursing School to tell my story and raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer. The students had participated in the Turn the Town Teal campaign this year as you can see by the wonderful bulletin board at the entrance to the school.

I put together a PowerPoint presentation of my story and ovarian cancer facts/ statistics that I called "Adding Teal to my Wardrobe". Fifty student nurses ( both male and female) and faculty attended the talk. I spoke for about 40 minutes and I was touched to look out at the audience and see a handful of young ladies who wore teal to classes that day. At the end of my talk Jacqueline, the president of the association presented me with a framed certificate thanking me for raising awareness on the Seton Hall Campus. That certificate means so much to me.

They served some soda and cookies in the lounge. A number of the students stopped by to chat a bit more and ask questions about my port, genetics and risk factors. I must say that interacting with the students was wonderful. I'm thinking I might take my show on the road to some of the other nursing schools in the state.

Thanks Marion and all the nursing students at SHU for raising awareness of Ovarian Cancer.

To the student nurses I met yesterday: I am sure that you will all make a difference in the lives of your patients!


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Obsessedwithlife said...

That sounds cool! It's always nice to share goodness from something not so good :).