Friday, September 26, 2008

Michelle's Law (S. 400) Passes the Senate !

Just wanted to share this info from the ACS about Michelle's Law:
We would like to share with you the exciting news that
Michelle’s Law (S. 400)unanimously passed the US Senate
yesterday! This bill is now moving on to the President’s
desk to finally be signed into law.
Thank you to all who took action and emailed your Senators
about this very important bill for college students. We have
heard from a number of Senators’ offices of how impressed
they were with your commitment to see this bill become
law. This week’s victory further proves the power of your
voice to fight cancer.
Because of you, thousands of college students will be able to
remain on their parents’ health care plan should they be
forced to take time off from school due to a serious
injury or illness such as cancer.

Thanks to all my friends who wrote their
We have made Cancer a National Priority!


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