Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Edison and Woodbridge Turn the Towns Teal and Local TV

At 1 pm today, Edison's Mayor Jun Choi proclaimed September Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. The event was filmed by Edison TV outside the Municipal Building. I had a chance to speak for a short time about my ovarian cancer experience and advocacy work( LAF, KOH, NOCC) . A special thanks to the Mayor and his staff for making this happen for the second year in a row and to the Lopez family for all their help hanging ribbons and raising awareness.

After that event, I was interviewed by Edison TV for a segment called Edison Make a Difference and Volunteer Program. I spoke about the Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation and the northern NJ NOCC and why I volunteer. Both segments filmed today will be presented on Channel 15 on Cablevision in Edison during the month of September. I was caught a little off guard with the second interview but Mike the the camera man said it went well considering I did not know the questions that were going to be asked.

At 6:30 pm, I was with the Lopez Family once again this time in Woodbridge Township for their Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Proclamation. Mayor Mc Cormac read the proclamation and then asked Phyllis, a Woodbridge resident whose sister passed away from Ovarian cancer 15 years ago, and Chuck also a Woodbridge resident to speak. Chuck gave a moving speech about his involvement raising awareness of ovarian cancer because of his mom's experience as a 3 year survivor. Thank you Mayor McCormac, the entire Woodbridge Town Council and Woodbridge Township TV ( 35) for their support of Ovarian Cancer Awareness.

Today was a real blessing - beautiful weather and an chance to raise awareness - perfect together.