Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some Good Things and New Information

I'll begin with a new piece of information and then get in to the good things that are happening.

New Ovasure Information:
It has come to my attention through a posting on the Ovarian Cancer Alliance Support Community that the new OVASURE ( Yale blood test ) being used by LabCorp is not meant to be used by women without ovaries. This test looks at the levels of 6 markers, in addition to CA-125, found in the blood. ( I wrote about this in June and July . ) It was previously recommended for women at high risk and those at risk for a recurrence.

So I checked Labcorp's online information and it has now changed to include this line
"OvaSure™ is not indicated for a patient who is currently undergoing chemotherapy, who has had both ovaries removed, who is pregnant, or who is lactating. "

Since many women with ovarian cancer have their ovaries removed they can not use this test to indicate a recurrence. Guess we are still stuck with the CA-125 test for those of us without ovaries. Glad I didn't spend the $200 to have the test done. It might have just confused my follow-up care. More research is needed!

Edison Will Turn Teal!

Along with Chuck Lopez, I will be hanging teal ribbons again this year in my town Edison, NJ. Mayor Choi is hoping to have a press conference during the first week in September in which he will read the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Proclamation. Thanks to Jerry Barca, the Edison Communication Director and the Mayor's Assistant , Lori Williams for all their help with this. The Turn the Town Teal Campaign is sponsored by the Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation, the northern NJ National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and Atlantic Health.

Woodbridge will be Teal too!
As a Board member of Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation, I was asked to speak at the Woodbridge town meeting on September 2nd about Turn the Town Teal and Ovarian Cancer. Chuck Lopez and a number of volunteers will hang the ribbons on Main Street in Woodbridge, NJ.

Wachovia Highland Park Branch to display Ovarian Cancer Awareness Information!

In September my local branch of Wachovia will provide space for me to display information about ovarian cancer and symptom cards in the lobby. A huge thanks to branch manager Valerie for providing me this opportunity.

St Paul's Bulletin with Ovarian Cancer Information

The Sept 7th weekly bulletin for St Paul the Apostle Church in Highland Park will contain information about Ovarian Cancer. Thanks Dee C for finding space for this important information.

I've raised $760 for the LAF!

Only $240 to go to reach my goal of raising $1000 for the LAF. The team 1 Reason lead by captain Kevin Walty has raised over $3000 so far. With a few days yet to go I am positive we will raise even more. To donate please visit-
I can't wait until Sunday to walk with my LAF friends.

So although I have not posted recently I have been a busy person.

LiveStrong and remember that Every Day is a Blessing.


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