Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cancer Hope Network Training

When I was first diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in 2005 ,I did not know any other ovarian cancer survivors. In September of that year, I called the number (1-877-hopenet) for Cancer Hope Network - which offers one-on-one support for cancer patients and their families. Interestingly, this organization is located in NJ my home state. They matched me with a woman in North Jersey who was a stage III Ovarian Cancer survivor of more than 7 years. It is hard to describe the relief I felt being able to talk to someone who knew exactly how I felt. She was also diagnosed at 50 and had similar chemotherapy treatments. I got off the phone thinking - if she can do this so can I.

Well, today I took a step to pay back that hope filled phone call by being trained as a Cancer Hope Network support volunteer. The day long training included learning how volunteers are matched with patients / caregivers, reviewing of the Cancer Hope Network policies and ethics and the actual procedures. We even had a chance to practice our skills with the CHN staff playing the parts of fictitious patients.

If you are one year or more post treatment you can be a volunteer. Questions? Call and speak to their friendly Patient Service Coordinators ( 877-467-3638)



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