Monday, May 26, 2008

What a Marvelous Wedding!

Saturday was a beautiful day for Theresa and Andrew to get married.

The day started with the girls and Carol , Andy's Mom and I getting our hair done at About Faces in Tano Mall in Edison. They returned home for some pizza and to get dressed. Lauren Grabelle the photographer took some photos on the patio in the backyard. The limo picked up the guys at the Bridgewater Marriott and dropped them off at St Paul's in Highland Park. Then the limo and a white Bentley came to pick up Nick and Theresa and all the bridesmaids to take them to the Church .

The ceremony at St Paul's was touching and the pews were filled with family and friends some traveling over 800 miles by air and car to share their special day. Theresa's cousin Alycia did one reading and Andrew's Aunt Kass did the other reading while Crystal , a friend of Andy and Terry from Dickinson College read the petitions. Two grandmas and one great aunt attended and the happy couple took photos with them in the prayer garden behind the church.

Then it was off to the Bridgewater Manor in Bridgewater. We took photos out by the pond that I can't wait to see. All the food at the cocktail hour and the reception was delicious. We had a guitarist, Vinnie Carrao during the cocktail hour who was amazing . Then we moved inside to the Somerset room where DJ, Paul Anthony played Terry and Andy's first song and then Nick danced with Theresa- Ok I admit I teared up for that one -and then Andy danced with his mom. Everyone from the 8 year old to the 99 year old was on the dance floor having a good time and the time just flew by. I don't have many photos to share I was too busy enjoying myself. The one above is Terry and Andy cutting their unique cake. Both being math majors the cake was made up of 3 tiers- the bottom a square , second a circle and top one was a triangle. So before we knew it it was time for the last dance. Hard to see such a fun day end.

Nick and I decided to spend the night at the Bridgewater Marriott where we had 22 rooms booked for our out of town guests. The next morning we all had breakfast together.

It was a fantastic weekend and I am so happy to see so many family and friends share our joy.
Two years ago I was not sure that I would be around to share in Matt's graduation and Theresa's wedding so it made these past few weeks so, so special.

We are off in a few days to help Theresa and Andrew move to Texas. So if I am not doing much posting please don't worry I am just out there living life !

OC survivor and mother-in-law
PS Photo by N.Fornaratto

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Brian Dowd said...

I just love to hear all the great things you have been blessed with. LIVESTRONG!