Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Campaign responses to Cancer Policy Questions.

Please view the Cancer and Politics posted by Brendan Burns in the LiveStrong Blog.

Here is part of a response from Senator Obama.
"Senator Obama takes fighting cancer quite personally - he lost his mother to cancer, and often discusses the emotional toil of watching her worry about fighting with insurance companies in the final days of her lives. In the Illinois State Senate, he championed legislation expanding insurance company coverage of mammograms - a key law in the fight against breast cancer. In the US Senate, Obama was a lead sponsor of Johanna’s Law. Signed into law in January 2007, the law will educate women and increase awareness of ovarian cancer."

Senator McCain said "Yes " to increased funding for research and mentioned the role of advocates in getting the funding increased.

Senator Clinton had already responded during the Iowa Presidential Forum .Her responses in pdf format can be found here.


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