Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bill of Rights for Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer survivors

SeventyK is a relatively new Adolescent and Young Adult
Cancer Advocacy campaign created by Dr. Leonard Sender,
oncologistfrom Children's Hospital of Orange County .
On his website he has this Bill of Rights :

We are neither pediatrics nor geriatrics,
we have unique needs- medically, socially, and economically.
However, the rights and dignity of adolescent and young adults are
equal and vital to all individuals.
We deserve to have our beliefs, privacy,
and personal values respected.
Access to care is a right not a privilege.....

Click here for the complete Bill and more info.

As a younger older adult ;o) I feel that the young
survivors do have special needs the cancer community
have to consider.
I support their Bill of Rights.

Website -


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Anonymous said...

thank you for the support.. Please continue to spread the word.

- SeventyK Team