Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blood Test Day - Redesigned CINJ site

This morning I went to CINJ for my port flush and bloodwork. It was good to see Fanina and Joyce , two of my Oncology nurses.Along with CA-125, they also tested for BUN & creatinine. The results are needed before I could schedule my 6- month CT scan. By noon CINJ had called back to let me know that I am scheduled for my CT scan on April 9th. Now I just have to stay calm until then.

The CINJ website has been redesigned and Joyce's photo is on the top of one page. The entire Gynecological- Oncology Department, Physicians and nurses( my life savers) are at the top of the clinical trial page. Do check it out here. I am really pleased with how the page looks and thank whoever was involved in the design for making it easier use.

I am also happy that my friend Brian , NJ resident, testicular cancer survivor, LAF supporter and fellow Summit delegate was deemed "Cancer free" yesterday. I am so happy for him and his family.


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Brian Dowd said...

Thanks Dee! That was 8 weeks i never want to relive. Too much unknown, but now I can relax and wait until my next check up in July beofre the summit!