Thursday, January 11, 2018

Time to Look Forward

I've been feeling pretty under the weather lately so I regret taking so long to do this post.

Every year in January I write a post on my aspirations for the year ahead. I'm not keen on resolutions but aspirations well those are just things I will keep trying for.

Just now, when I looked back at my aspirations from January 2017, I'm glad I can keep trying because I wasn't totally successful.

Here is aspirations will remain from last year:
  • I aspire to continue to support other women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, to share my story as an ovarian cancer survivor and to promote ovarian cancer research. ( There are some activities that I will have to cut back on so I can achieve some of my other aspirations on this list.  I am adding that I aspire to  help more women become advocates. I see the same awesome advocates at events. We need more new and fresh voices.)
  • I aspire to travel with my husband and visit at least 2 states I have not visited before. Maine is one of the two.  ( This has been on my list since 2016. But I'll try again this year.)
  • I aspire to learn a new arts and craft technique. ( I did some glass blowing in 2017 which was loads of fun. ) 
  •  I aspire to find a way to give back in my community or church. ( I wasn't as successful at this one as I had hoped to be so on the list it will stay.)
  • I aspire to spend more time with my daughter and her family and my son and his wife.  (Trying to fill the time over the next few months while my daughter and her family are stateside and only 3 hours away.There are a few built in get-togethers too that I am excited about. ) 
  •  I aspire to build an even better bond with my dog Amber so we can compete at the masters level in agility. (She did get her excellent std title last year,  so we really will be competing in masters in both JWW and STD.)
Now for new aspirations:
  • Update this blog's layout. (Look! It's done! That was easy.) 
  • I aspire to complete an online course in Genomics. (Yeah I'm a science geek. )
  • I aspire to go kayaking.
  • I aspire to make my FitBit celebrate each day as I hit my step count, sleep better, increase my fiber intake and drink more water. 

What do you aspire to do in 2018?

Every Day is a Blessing!

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