Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tick Tock - 5 years

In September 2008, I gave a talk about ovarian cancer to the nursing students at Seton Hall University. I had such a nice time sharing my story as a Stage III Ovarian Cancer survivor. I also shared information about the symptoms of ovarian cancer, the risks for the disease and the disease's survival statistics with those future nurses. As I told my story I remember telling the group that the 5 year relative survival rate for ovarian cancer that has spread to distant organs was about 30%. I was at 3 years out from my initial diagnosis so I told the group that I hoped to be in that 30%. At the time I gave the talk, I didn't know that I had recurred and had disease on my liver and spleen. I would learned that a few weeks later after having a CT scan. As many of you know I had surgery in November of 2008 and started chemotherapy in 2009. At the time I wasn't sure that I would make that initial 5 year mark.

On April 22, 2009,  I had my last chemotherapy treatment. I hit 5 years from my initial diagnosis in 2010 but I had recurred. So I restarted that 5 year clock on the day I had my last chemotherapy.

Tick, Tock...2010
Tick, Tock...2011
Tick, Tock... 2012
Tick, Tock... 2013

Tick, tock... April 22, 2014 Five years!!

Feeling extremely blessed today and every day.


Every Day is a Blessing !

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