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The Society of Gynecologic Oncologist held its annual meeting in Tampa in March. There were a number of studies whose results were presented that are of interest to ovarian cancer patients. The SGO also issued a clinical practice statement recommending genetic testing for all women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and endometrial cancers. The #gyncsm(gyn cancer social media)  chat ( of which I am co-moderator) discussed SGO News during their April 9th Chat. To see the topic questions, read the transcript of the chat or refer to the resources presented during the chat,  please see their blog page. If you want to read through the abstracts from the meeting please visit

This Foundation for Women's Cancer video shares news from the meeting.

The American Association for Cancer Research  held their annual meeting early this month in California. While this annual meeting presented research for all cancers there were a number of interesting studies related to ovarian cancer. ( Search abstracts here.) A prospective study of of over 14,000 women in the Child Health and Development study found an association between irregular menstrual periods and the diagnosis of serous ovarian cancer . In  Irregular Menstruation May Predict Increased Risk of Death From Ovarian Cancer.  published online by AACR, 

“It is notable that the 2.4-fold increase in risk of ovarian cancer death we observed for women with irregular/infrequent cycles in this study is close to the threefold increase in risk observed for women with a family history of ovarian cancer in a first-degree relative,” explained Cohn. “Our study finding could lead to better understanding of the 90 percent of ovarian cancers that occur in women with no family history of ovarian cancer and with no known high-risk inherited mutations.”

The results were independent of race, age or weight. I know that my menstruation was very irregular when I was young and again about 5 years prior to my diagnosis. 

It may be too soon but I wonder if irregular menses needs to be added to our discussion of symptoms of ovarian cancer.   

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