Friday, February 21, 2014

Not for Six Months

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my gynecologic oncologist. It was originally scheduled for last Thursday but my cancer center was closed that day due to the snow storm .

My Gyn-Onc always starts her appointments with asking how I feel and how my family is doing. She asked to see photos of my grandkids, so out came my iPhone and of course I shared the good news that my son had gotten engaged. She was so happy to hear the news and to see the photos. Then the conversation turned to the blog post I had written for the SGO blog. We both agreed that I would not be the advocate I am today if she hadn't recommending that I apply to attend the LiveSTRONG Survivors Summit back in 2006. Yes,  she is ultimately to blame for all this blogging.

Then we got down to business. First we talked about how my CA-125 had dropped back down to 13 from 21 back in October. I had been a bit worried that the results might continue going up instead of down, a sign I could be recurring. Next, we discussed the results of the genetic testing I had done for one of the Center's clinical trials. The results included recommendations for future treatment if  I should recur. Having a plan for if and when I should recur sure makes me feel good. Then it was exam time.  I won't go into the details here but many of my readers know exactly what that is like. Everything looked good. What a relief!

Next she turned to me and said "When do you want to see me again? Six months?". I said, "Well I'll miss seeing you but sure I can do six months". And six months it is.  Life is good.

Every Day is a Blessing! Blessed to have such a caring gynecologic oncologist on this journey with me.


FacingCancer said...

Oh that is good news. And what a wonderful doctor you have! ~Catherine

tccomments2013 said...

what good news! nothing better that the thought that Life is Good. I, too have a wonderful oncologist. it pains me when I read about other cancer patients who get blown off, and no time given to asking how they are doing with a holistic and caring attitude. every one of us deserves what I call "practicing the art of medicine." - I am so happy you have that with your doctor!

much love and light,

Karen xoxo