Sunday, April 14, 2013

N.E.D.'s Documentary Film

I am so happy to share information I received from  Spark Media. They have been working with N.E.D.,  the rock band,  to produce a documentary. If you don't know about this band of gyn surgeons and want to listen to some of their music you should definitely check out their website (  I hope you like the great music from some pretty awesome doctors! 

"No Evidence of Disease, a new documentary film by the award-winning team at Spark Media, is about N.E.D. a rock band of 6 GYN cancer surgeons outraged by the wall of silence surrounding their field. With grace, honesty, even humor, NED interweaves the challenging journeys and remarkable courage of women, devoted families and dedicated doctors, as music and medicine join forces in the fight for survival. If you have questions, want to get involved, or would like to host a screening, contact us at: "You can watch a trailer from the movie here.

 "AND THERE’S MORE: Spark Media has produced a 16 minute piece entitled: What Every Woman Should Know. It’s all the latest info about the 5 major GYN cancers, explained by the rock/doctors, their patients, N.E.D.’s music and graphics." Check it out here

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