Monday, April 1, 2013

Laurel of Arlington a Woman of Teal

Late Saturday night I learned that Laurel died from ovarian cancer.

I never met Laurel in person.Yet,  I felt as close to her as if she lived next door. Laurel was a online friend. I met her through a very special Facebook group which includes women from the UK and the US. What binds this diverse group of women is a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. We celebrate the good times and sadly we share the pain of loosing a member.

I can't share what we talk about in our group - it is confidential. What the group does best is listen - well in the case of our group read - what each other has to say. With the time difference between the US and UK there is usually someone online ready to listen and respond.  Sadly, that meant Laurel wrote and we all read her post saying that there were no more options for her. And we read when another in our group had to share the news that Laurel had passed.

Here is what I can share about Laurel. She was a single mother of two girls. She lived in Texas and was only a few months shy of turning 32. Yes, she was just 31 years old. Too young for this disease you say? I agree but sadly it happens. And as cliche as it sounds she was a fighter for herself and her daughters.

People often ask me why I spend so much time advocating for ovarian cancer survivors and funding for ovarian cancer research.

Here is yet another reason- Laurel Phillips. Rest in Peace my friend.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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