Monday, March 18, 2013

OC Research News- Delayed Chemo, Albumin,Cognitive Decline, Shift Work

Here are a few more links to interesting stories from the SGO meeting. Thanks to Medpage Today and Cure Magazine for providing these articles.

Delaying Chemo Ups Mortality in Ovarian Cancer
* I started my chemo 14 days after my surgery. It was hard but my docs thought it the best thing for me to do.

Low Albumin Ups Surgical Risk in Gyn Cancers
* I remember getting albumin after my surgeries.

Thirty Percent of Ovarian Cancer Survivors May Suffer Cognitive Decline After Treatment
* I have written about "chemo brain" in the past and continue to experience it.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine Journal article:
Evidence Indicates Link for Shift Work , Ovarian Cancer


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