Thursday, January 10, 2013

NEWS: PapGene potential, Stem Cell factors

Yesterday in the journal Science Translational Medicine scientists from Johns Hopkins Medicine reported on the use of a test using cervical fluid and cells in detecting endometrial and ovarian cancers. Similar to a pap test used to detect cervical cancer, the cells are checked for specific gene mutations found in ovarian and endometrial cancers. This study included 46 women, 22 with ovarian cancer. The results predicted 40% of the ovarian cancers.

Just an idea from this research advocate: If you looked back at Pap tests done on women who were diagnosed with OC a few months later would their tests show some aberration or oddity with some cells?

Press Release Johns Hopkins includes a link to journal article.
Media report MSNBC 

On January 7th Yale researchers reported in the journal Cell Cycle that they found a link between specific stem cell factor Lin28  and BMP4 a signaling protein. While stem cell factors can fuel the growth of tumor cells the microenvironment may also be a factor in cancer growth. The link may help explain the recurrences experienced by OC patients and offer new areas of treatment.

Yale University 
Cell Cycle journal article

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