Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting Around to Sharing Good News

Yesterday, NJ had a Nor'easter. They named this storm Athena. Athena is the the goddess of war and wisdom. She dropped about 7 inches in my town and 15 miles east of  me they had 13 inches. So I think she should be the goddess of Nor'easters too. Between Sandy and Athena these past eleven days sure have been interesting.

Interesting on the ovarian cancer front for me too. Sandy and Athena distracted me so much that I forgot to post  some good news.

The results of my CT came back the Thursday before the hurricane . There was no evidence of disease. Hurray! I am now 4 years out from my recurrence. Even though my CA125 was 17.6 , higher than it was when I recurred, I did not  have active disease. Boy that CA-125 bouncing around sure does make me anxious.

The Friday before the hurricane, I  had an appointment with a gastoenterologist/surgeon to try to figure out what was causing this uncomfortable feeling I was having in my abdomen. My internal organs have been moved around a lot twice and I know there is scar tissue but both my gyn-onc and I felt we should check it out further. After an exam the doctor said everything felt normal and recommended I increase my fiber intake. No more Rice Krispies or tea and toast in the morning for me I've started eating high fiber cereal. Those Fiber One cereals and All Bran are not too bad when you add fruit. I've even added the All Bran to yogurt for a snack.

The doctor also told me to loose weight. I gained over twenty pounds since my recurrence.  So I will need to get to work on that by walking a bit more and eating less and possibly signing up for Weight Watchers again. Lastly the doctor recommended a colonoscopy. It has been 5 years since my last one so I will have a colonoscopy in January. You know even cancer survivors need to do those routine tests too .

Last piece of good news is the response I got after responding to a tweet calling for bloggers for a redesigned Society of Gynecologic Oncologist website. I'm honored and thrilled to have been accepted to post a few times a month. I'll let you know when my first post appears.

Every Day is a Blessing. Blessed by all the repairmen, emergency workers from NJ and states beyond who are helping to restore power, cable, etc to the state.


Take Back Teal said...

Hi Dee,

I am a HUGE advocate of the high-fiber diet! You might want to try adding ground flax seeds or chia seeds to your yogurt (do you eat greek yogurt?). Honestly, the amount of fiber in there truly packs a punch and I swear by it.

I'm also glad to hear that you're being featured as a guest blogger! :) Congrats!


Sunny and Take Back Teal

Servivorgirl said...

Congratulations on being a guest blogger. I hope to find a link for those....happy you are getting better.

Determining how significant our food intake types are gets overwhelming some times. Good'll learn to like the earthy taste.....Peace and yay that you feel better too