Sunday, November 4, 2012

A New Normal For My State

This has been one heck of a week thanks to Sandy. Since I was five years old I have spent time each summer at the Jersey shore, Cape May, Wildwood, Atlantic City, Long Beach Island ( lots of celebrations and Memorial Day weekends at my cousin’s home) , Pine Beach ( my family owned a home there for a few years in the ’70’s), Ocean Beach (my brother -in-law and friends have homes there) , Point Pleasant, Seaside, Asbury Park, Belmar ( my in-laws had an apartment there on 9th Avenue and my kids grew up going to the beach there), Avon, Bradley Beach and Long Branch.  Seeing the devastation and loss of landmark parts of my state  caused by Sandy is very upsetting. I have  friends and relatives still without power almost 7 days later and there are gasoline lines in many areas of the state. There is also significant damage in NYC, Staten Island and Long Island and most public transportation services are running on modified schedules or are closed. The Holland tunnel is closed as is the Path train.

But there is also hope. It may take months and years but we will pull together and will rebuild. 

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend, N.   She is still without power / internet/ cable in Edison and was worried about her home in Lavallette which is sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay. I looked up her address on Google Crisis Map and was able to tell her that her home was still standing and the sand from the beach had stopped about four houses away from her. She was relieved. Of course we don’t know from the overhead shot if there is flood damage inside the house or if had been shifted off its foundation. But she said to me we will all find a new normal at the shore. 

A new normal is just what a person diagnosed with cancer would say. They need to find a new normal after facing a cancer diagnosis and finishing treatment for their disease. Most survivors don't return to the way it was. 

The people of my state will need to do the same thing. Find a new normal at the Jersey shore. 

Now I'm going to gather up some supplies to donate to those who lost their homes in this storm. I hope my readers will also find some way to help - the Red Cross, Salvation Army  , Tunnel to Towers Foundation, Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund or another organization of your choice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Every Day is a Blessing!

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