Monday, March 19, 2012

Mercer County NJ Melanoma Walk

This blog tends to concentrate on ovarian cancer but since my participation in the Mercer County Cancer Coalition I have learned about many other events in the county that raise awareness for other cancers from Prostate ( Dad's Run) to Breast Cancer( Dragon Boat Races) . Here is some information about an upcoming walk to raise awareness of Melanoma and Funds for the Melanoma International Foundation. It will be held in Mercer County Park. I received the information from Dr. Robyn Notterman & Jayme OMalley, from the Princeton Center for Dermatology.

Please join us for our safe from the sun Melanoma walk at Mercer Park, Princeton on March 24, 2012. You can walk in honor or memory of someone you know who has been diagnosed with Melanoma.
This event is open to the entire community! All proceeds will benefit the Melanoma International Foundation. Please go to, to register for this event! With each registration you will receive a free tshirt!

Children and pets are welcome. We have several vendors with information and products to help you keep safe from the sun!

Please help us fight MELANOMA!!! NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!

A dear college friend, Marie, passed away from Melanoma fifteen years after her initial diagnosis. Do the walk for friends like Marie.

Every Day us a Blessing

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