Friday, September 30, 2011

A Wealth of Research Information Can Be Found on Medify

I was recently introduced to a website called Medify. It is not strictly a cancer research site since it provides research information on a multitude of conditions from alzheimers to diabetes. But it is a well-built site that provides research on all cancer types by consolidating information in one spot. It allows you to search for research on a particular condition. It uses graphics to present results and allows you to compare treatment options , look at studies that other patients have enrolled in and save the information you gather. When I examined it through a cancer survivor eyes, I found it to be a very worthwhile source of information for cancer survivors and caregivers alike.

In their words"Medify has developed powerful technology to mine millions of these studies every day in order to “extract” key information about the patients in each study. Similar patients across studies are combined and their experiences organized around the topics you care about: conditions, treatments, experts, and hot research issues."

The site was launched in July and is continually updated to reflect the latest research.

So go ahead Women of Teal and type in Ovarian Cancer on and the ovarian overview page will show you data based on 5700 studies. You will see the latest research study results on the left, hot treatments in the middle and top treatments on the right. The page also has alternative treatments, institutions that study Ovarian Cancer and conditions that might exist with ovarian cancer such as neuropathy.

Just so that you know I am not receiving any form of payment or compensation for writing about this site . I am just an ovarian cancer research advocate who finds this a neat place to go for pertinent and reliable information. Enjoy your search!

Every Day is a Blessing!

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