Thursday, December 17, 2009

Three More Months

My follow-up care plan is to see my gynecological oncologist every three months. I always get a little on edge the day or two before. Nick has gotten very used to how nervous I can get and is really a good sport about it.
You would think after traveling this road for almost 5 years I would get used to it. Talking to other cancer survivors even those that are not ovarian cancer survivors,being nervous seems to be a normal reaction. The past few days have been no different.

Yesterday I saw my gyn-onc at CINJ. Yes the photo above is of my chart- busy year for me at CINJ. My nurse D went through the typical questions related to fatigue, pain, neuropathy, medications I was taking, etc. Some of the pains I feel are due to scar tissue- which is very typical of the liver surgery I had last year and the rest are due to neuropathy which is aggravated by colder temps. After an exam, my doctor told me everything looked good. She'll see me in 3 months after I have a CT scan in February. Now that is a great holiday gift.

Then I went off to the treatment area to see C for a port flush - it still functions fabulously- and a CA-125 blood test. C was the nurse who helped when I had my carbo reaction so it was especially nice to wish her a Merry Christmas. Now all I need to hear tomorrow is that my CA-125 is stable.

As my way of saying thank you for a year of compassionate care I dropped off a batch of cookies and peanut cluster candies that I made to my doctors and their nurses and for the treatment nurses. They give so much of themselves it is the least I can do to say "Thank-you and Merry Christmas" .


Every Day is a Blessing! Today I am blessed with an understanding husband.


l'optimiste said...

I am so pleased everything is good. Roll on your results of the CA 125 then you can do some serious Christmas celebrating :o)

Sandi Pniauskas said...

Dee; have just a great holiday and wishing you the very best for not 3 months but 3++++ years.
Sandi P. & Boomie

morello said...

yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery. we live today at the present. enjoy life, and be grateful of it :)

Daria said...

What a great holiday gift ...