Friday, December 18, 2009

Ovarian Problems Discussion List

Wanted to pass on some info about a wonderful online discussion list:

The Ovarian Problems Discussion List supports women with ovarian cancer and related problems, and their families and friends. There are over 1400 subscribers and there is no charge for this subscription. It has been a support community online for over 13 years.

This email list provides various kinds of support related to ovarian cancer and related conditions. Reproductive issues are not covered except as they relate to ovarian cancer.

You can join us! Go to, click on "mailing lists", choose the Ovarian list and click on it to join. Or go directly to:

and click on “join or leave the list”.

If you need assistance, you can reach the listowners by email:


ACOR is a free online lifeline for everyone affected by cancer & related disorders. It is a unique collection of online communities designed to provide timely and accurate information in a supportive environment. The Association of Cancer Online Resources, Inc. (ACOR) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, incorporated in New York State.

ACOR is one of the original social networks, created long before the term became one of the buzzwords of the web 2.0 explosion of services. Since September 1995 ACOR users interested in specific and often rare form of cancers have benefited from the collective intelligence of hundreds of patients and caregivers.

ACOR is also invested in researching medical online communities and has helped to produce some of the most important and groundbreaking projects designed to understand how the Internet helps people to become informed patients, able to maximize the quality of medical care they receive.


l'optimiste said...

how excellent - I am off to see that, and then I shall steal your post for my blog :o)

Dee said...

I've been on the list since 2006. Great group of women and caregivers. I've had the pleasure of meeting a few of them in person. You would like them.
Lots of good advice and research info.