Friday, August 21, 2009

Let the Walks Begin - Walk #1 the LiveSTRONG Challenge

This Sunday I will be walking with my team 1 REASON in The Philly LiveSTRONG Challenge. This will be my third year walking in what I think is one of the most well organized cycling/running/walking fundraising events in the country. While I do my 5K ( slowly I might add) other members of my team will be riding 10, 40 or 100 miles. I will be missing my niece Alycia and Kevin, her husband, who were part of our team for the past two years. They live in Kentucky now so are unable to join us. BTW, I'm thrilled that the shirts I ordered for the team came out so well. I can't wait to share them with the other team members.

Another bonus for the day is being able to meet up with friends I made at some of the other LAF events I attended over the past three years. I'm looking forward to seeing Brian and his family, Kelly , Barbara, Eric and Angie. I also get to see some former St. Joe's students Paul and Glen who started their own team for this year's Challenge.

I am walking this year in memory of three friends who I lost in the past 9 months to ovarian and pancreatic cancer - Sharon Morris, Lynn Rossi and Roy Day . And of course I always walk in memory of my sister Bert, my parents, Erin G, and Marie Z. I walk in honor of all the women I know who are ovarian and breast cancer survivors.

I've been picking this fight since 2005 and I hope to keep fighting for many years to come.



Every Day is a Blessing!

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