Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Awesome LiveSTRONG Challenge

  • Over $3 million donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation by the walkers, runners, riders and their supporters at the Philly LiveSTRONG Challenge.
  • Team 1 REASON raised $2667 for the Challenge.
  • My family and friends helped me raise $1000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation by supporting my 5K walk at the LiveSTRONG Challenge Philly.

Pretty incredible numbers. Pretty incredible weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, Nick and I drove down to Blue Bell, PA site of the LiveSTRONG Challenge 2009. We checked into our hotel and headed over to the very soggy LiveSTRONG Village. It rained 3 inches the night before. As team captain I could pick up Team 1 REASON'S registration packets . While there I got to leave some dedications on the memorial wall and met up with a former St Joe's student and Scott, a survivor I met at a previous LiveStrong Summit.

We stopped back in our room to wash our shoes ( Yes, they were that muddy!) and headed out to St. Genevieve's in Flourtown, PA. On the way back to the hotel we stopped for a delicious meal at Scoogi's also in Flourtown . The fried calamari had an interesting balsamic dressing and the ravioli's and meatballs were scrumptious. By the time we got back to the hotel it started to rain again. Torrential downpour is a better description. I was a bit worried about the weather conditions for Sunday's 7:30 am Challenge start.

We were up early (5:30 am) on Sunday ready to meet up with the rest of Team 1 REASON. It was overcast but the rain had stopped. We were relieved about that. Team 1 REASON was a mix of walkers and riders. Mike, Linda and I were there to walk the 5K while Maureen , Dawn and Paul rode the 20 mile and Chuck the 100 mile. We were missing Kevin and Alycia who are now living in Kentucky and unable to join us for our 3rd Challenge.

The 100 mile riders departed first then the 70,45 ,20,& 10 milers. The runners took off after that and then we started our walk. It took over 30 minutes for everyone to leave the staging area.There were 1000's of participants.

It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to walk the 5K. I laughed a little when this cute little black and white dog and his young owner passed me, then when the owner stopped to give his dog some water we passed them but before you know it we got passed again. So I was passed twice by the same dog. But you know that was ok. First of all I love dogs. Second I was just so happy to be there for a third year that it didn't matter how fast I walked or who passed me. I was there! It was great to finish another Challenge, to have Nick at the finish line ready to give me a big hug and to receive a yellow rose - a Challenge tradition- yellow roses for survivors.

Our 20 mile bikers came in next. Then we waited for Chuck our 100 mile cyclist to return. We had a little tailgating party going on while we waited. Salsa, nachos, fruit salad, subs, water, iced tea, etc.

Around 1:30 pm we moved our seats closer to the finish line. I was thrilled to be able to cheer on two former St Joe's students Paul and Glen as they returned from their ride. I was so proud to see these young men achieve their goal of finishing the 70 mile ride. Then I ran into two brothers, Tim and Colin, I also taught at St Joe's. Last year it was just Tim and his Dad. This year it was a team of six. It was so heartwarming to see how all of these young men have matured and learned to give so much of themselves.

Around 2pm Chuck returned from his 100 mile ride. That is truely amazing to me. That someone could actually ride 100 miles . Chuck had a special reason to ride this year- to honor his Dad who passed away from cancer earlier this year. That was everyone's story. We were there for one reason to honor someone we loved who had cancer or who we lost to cancer.

Needless to say I am one tired person but also a person who is proud of her wonderful team members and all our supporters. Thanks everyone.



Every Day is a Blessing! Today I was blessed to be able to finish another LiveSTRONG Challenge.

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Anonymous said...

Dee, this is inspiring & it is great that you were there 3 years in a row! I love it!