Monday, February 9, 2009

Survivors Teaching Students & Fundraiser for Brick, NJ family

Survivors Teaching Students:
My friend and OC survivor Dianne participates in the Survivor Teaching Student program sponsored by OCNA. She was featured in an article in the Star-Telegram , Dallas/Fort Worth. I first met Dianne at the LiveStrong Summit in Austin in 2006 she is a wonderful OC advocate and will be attending the OCNA Conference in DC in July. Thanks Dianne for all you do to raise awareness.

Pitts Family of Brick NJ Fundraiser:
Here is the info on a fundraiser on Feb 21st for the Pitt family. Thanks Brian for passing this on.
THE CAUSE: The Pitts family of Brick, NJ has been devastated by cancer in the last year. Last October the Pitts family lost Walter Joe Pitts from liver cancer and recently his wife, Eileen, has been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. This fundraiser is held to help raise money for Eileen's medical expenses while going through chemotherapy.

TIME/DATE: 4:00PM - 7:00PM February 21, 2009

LOCATION: "Hemingway's Cafe" 612 Boulevard Seaside Hts, NJ

DONATION: A $25 donation in advance will include a buffet dinner of either pasta, chicken or sirloin. There will be a 50/50 raffle, a chance auction, DJ and dancing. There will be a cash bar.

CONTACT: To purchase tickets in advance please call (732)581-6265, (609)223-2306 or (908)330-6349. If you cannot purchase in advance there will be a $30 donation at the door.


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