Monday, February 23, 2009

Change is OK

When I returned home on Thursday from my single taxol treatment, I was not sure what to expect from the days ahead. I never had a single agent before always taxol with carbo. For everyone who knows me well, I like to know what to expect. I was a Girl Scout growing up so be prepared is still my motto. So in essence I don't adjust well to change on the fly. But I also realize that living strong with cancer means going with the flow cause things are always changing.

Would I be a little tired or totally exhausted where I couldn't get out of bed? Would I be nauseous? Would my legs get jittery at night? Would everything I eat taste like cardboard( not that I ever really ate cardboard) ? Would Friday's Neulasta shot give me those lower back pains or maybe shoulder pains this time? Would those other bodily functions work according to plan? Would I remember to take all my pills on time - like at 2am? Would I be able to focus my eyes to read and watch TV or answer some e-mails? Would I be able to celebrate Nick's birthday or sleep through it.

Well it is Monday and I can look back and say - Not so bad.
I am tired but the kind of tired you feel after having a real good work out. I took two naps a day went to sleep around 11pm and slept straight through to 8 am. Ok, I did set the alarm to wake up at 2 am for my nausea pills.
I did have an upset stomach one evening but I realized I missed taking my pill by an hour- I must remember to take my pills on time!
Those jittery legs haven't happened yet. That is a relief.
I could read and work on the computer for short periods of time but I did need those reading glasses and sometimes my fingers put letters on the screen that weren't even close to what I wanted to write!
I've had some back pain from the shot but not bad enough to have to take anything for it. (We'll see what today brings. )
And I was awake on Saturday evening to give Nick his birthday card - Hurrah!

I appreciate all the e-mails, calls and prayers to help me get through this change.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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ShoppingKharma said...

Love your blog by the way! Wishing you all the best! Here's to a cure in our lifetime!