Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Am Ready for Tomorrow

I started the day by taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood and then spent the rest of the time preparing for my surgery tomorrow. I organized things around the house, wrote e-mails , packed my overnight bag , bought some songs on I-Tunes, loaded them on to my I-pod and of course did that wonderful phospho-soda prep. Note: Cranberry-apple juice does not make that phospho-soda taste any better. Having only a liquid diet is not my idea of fun but I must admit the vegetable broth was pretty tasty. I do not recommend this method for loosing weight.

I am ready to do the surgery mentally and physically. I had my support group at CINJ last night. Talking and laughing with the other wonderful women and Julie our social worker really gives me strength. So does all the snail mail cards, e-mail notes and phone calls I received today.
Tomorrow I will be in the very capable hands of Drs Gannon and Rodriguez and God will be by my ( and their) side.

I need to arrive at the hospital by 9:30 am for an 11:30 surgery time. As you can imagine, I will not be posting for the next few days. If a wireless room on 6 north in RWJUH is in my future staying in touch will be a lot easier.

I will LIVESTRONG. Thanks in advance for all your prayers and warm fuzzy thoughts.

Every Day is a Blessing and tomorrow I will be blessed.