Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy To Be Home in Time for my 30th Wedding Anniversary

I was released from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital late yesterday afternoon. The surgery went well. Even if the scar is longer than I expected the fact that there is no visual evidence of disease is awesome. I know that Chemo lies ahead but I 've "been there done that" and will do it again. I just need to pick up some more neat scarves and hats. Any excuse to buy!

It is great to be home. I couldn't wait to see my old dog, Kona. I don't miss waking up for blood pressure checks and x-rays at 4 am either. I spent the day today resting, finding the best places to sit and sleep, taking short walks around the house and going through all the snail mail and e-mail I received after 5 days in the hospital. We have a "boil Water" restriction in place due to a water main break in Franklin so I put off the shower until tomorrow.

Today is my 30th Wedding Anniversary. Nick picked up our dinners from Main Street Trattoria in Metuchen. I didn't eat too much but boy did the food taste delicious. We have had a wonderful 30 years and look forward to many more.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and kind thoughts.

Every Day is a Blessing.

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cures_rock said...

LIVESTRONG, Dee! I am praying for you and so happy to hear you are back home.