Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Half-life of F-18 FDG is 110 Minutes

Just figured I would throw out that random piece of information from my PET scan experience today.

I had the second PET/CT of my life today at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. I arrived to admitting around 8:30 am , at 9 am Margaret started an IV , then Samir administered the radioactive isotope and I laid there listening to my i-pod for an hour. Then it took about 35 minutes to complete the actual PET of my chest,abdomen and pelvis. They sent me to eat and drink and I returned in an hour to have the last scan which took about 10 minutes.

The hardest part of this scan is having to be still with your arms over your head for 35 minutes. I had a hard time bringing my arms back down. Ok it really wasn't that bad since I admit that I actually fell asleep and Samir had to wake me to move my head back in position.

Now I have to patiently wait until Friday for my next appointment and the results.

Terry and Silvio and Andy are coming to visit so I will be busy.

Every Day is a Blessing.


Obsessedwithlife said...

Best of luck!


Brian Dowd said...

I continue to think of you Dee! I wish you all the best!