Thursday, October 9, 2008

Asheville Trip

I just returned from a fun trip to Asheville, NC.
We arrived at the Grove Park Inn on Sunday in the dark so we did not see the mountain view until the next morning. The location of our room overlooked the golf course and mountains.

We spent one day at the Biltmore Estate. This is the largest home in the US with 230 rooms. Built in 1895 it had electric lights , elevators and a 9 ft deep pool in the basement. After doing the audio tour of the home we walked around the gardens and then drove over to the winery for a tasting.

The next day we went downtown and walked through many craft shops and galleries. We visited the lovely Asheville Art Museum and had fun at the "Good Eating" exhibit since we saw paintings of 2 NJ diners.

That night we had dinner with friends who moved to Asheville almost 5 years ago.It was great to catch up with them.

On the way home, we stopped in Blacksburg to see Matt. After dinner we met up with his friends Dan, Amy, and Tom at Bourdeux's. What a fun time we had catching up with him and his friends.


Every Day is a Blessing


Kelly said...

What did you think of Grove Park? I live in Asheville and had the opportunity to stay there one night. The view from the room was great, but I thought the room itself left something to be desired! Not QUITE worth the price, although I can see why people just want the experience of staying at Grove Park!

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Kim said...

Hi, Dee! Kim at the Asheville Art Museum here. Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit! Come back and see us soon and until then, check out our blog at:

Have a great weekend!